'Aphasia' is a communication disability caused by damage to the language processing centres of the brain.

An individual with aphasia may have difficulty understanding, talking, reading and writing, but their intelligence is not affected. The most common causes of aphasia are stroke and traumatic brain injury.

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  For People with Aphasia

This section is for people with aphasia and their family and friends.

  1.  Click here for information about out aphasia therapy and training programs. This would be the best place for you to look.

1. Click here for information about our aphasia therapy & training programs.


2. Click here to find out how you can volunteer for research.


3. Visit the Australian Aphasia Association (AAA) website for more information on aphasia and support:

  AAA logo  www.aphasia.org.au


4. Visit the National Stroke Foundation (NSF) website for more information about stroke and support:



5. Visit the Aphasia United website for more information about international aphasia organisations:



6. Visit the Speech Pathology Australia website for more information about speech pathology services: